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Apply to the mold design, reverse engineering, shoe soles, toys, sculpture, and so on.

 Recommended models:  Use "photos type 3 d scanner Holon - 3 dz, Holon3DM to molds, last, sole for 3 d scanning and 3 d detection, reverse design, etc. "3 d scanner, scanning accuracy, high speed, is the first choice of business! Products for details, please click the following link!


  Holon-3DZ                                                                        Holon-3DM


· Last, heels, leather shoes, sports shoes for footwear physical model or with 3 d scanners for scans measured, that want to 3 d model of data.

• You can type on the human foot, the shoe-shaped design appropriate and customized services.

Direction of the work: for a variety of heel, shoe last, shoe design (including the design of sports shoes, design shoes, design shoes, slippers design).

Customer object: heel, shoe last, shoe manufacturer of professional; sports shoes, leather shoes, casual shoes, slippers manufacturers.


Shoes mold die 3 d scanning                                                                                                    



Shoe mold manufacturing process is basically: to make the first kind of shoes (on behalf of the wooden model), and then through the foundry casting mode.
     The PL side of the foundry mold is rough, and 3 ~ 5MM reserved. This case to the back of the processing to match the upper and lower die clamping a lot of trouble. A waste of time, the cycle is extended, the quality of production out of the mold is not high.
    Holon3D scanner successful use in the shoe mold industry to shorten the cycle of the mold, mold production efficiency and quality of the mold.
       The role of three-dimensional scanner Holon3D: foundry mold at the end of three-dimensional data collected using the scanner, access to 3D parting line. Then through the end of the three-dimensional software reconstruction of RHINO, UG mold parting surface, and then directly to the bottom mold parting surface to determine the upper mold parting surface, MASTCAM, UG compiled a good tool path by CNC can be processed on under the mold parting surface. Such processing out of the parting surface smoothing is high, the upper and lower mold with the very consistent. Avoid repeated repair mode, polished fly mode.

Shoes mold die physical diagram
 Shoes mold die 3 d scan

Kind of sports shoes

Three-dimensional map of sports shoes


Army shoes three-dimensional map

Military sole three-dimensional map


The Red Dragonfly sole 3D effect diagram

ippers three-dimensional map

MOLD physical picture MOLD three-dimensional map


Ms. heel 3D scanning Image

Ms. heel 3D scanning Image


Ms. soles fine scan

Hand-held scanner to scan the scene lasts


Slippers at the end of the physical map

Slippers at the end of the three-dimensional data


Three-dimensional scanning point cloud boots

 Drawing three-dimensional scanning boots


· Shoes at the end of the three-dimensional scanning


Shoes 3 d scanning



                                  Shoes physical diagram



                                        Shoes 3 d scan


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